Monday, January 30, 2017

Cloud Operator Acceptance Testing before deploying into cloud

The software package is developed in the dev env.  The dev env does not necessary reassemble the real production env.   It supposes to be a simple, isolated env for dev to code and perform unit testig.  That's why we need the QA env.  The QA env should cover the testing cases that represent the customer's deployments.

However, a cloud env may have additional requirements.
 This is especially true when the product was designed for running both on premise and on cloud.  For example, how to provision the product for a new client?   How does the user authentication works?  How to download, upload data via VPN?  How to apply patches?

In such cases, cloud is kind of the users of the product.   The UAT (User Acceptance Testing) should become cloud operation acceptance testing.
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