Git is Awesome!

A good work: Common Use cases of Git and Github.

Some examples of Sprint Burndowns

Sprint Burndown Chart is a tool for the team to help the team focus.

I found this video helpful.

Differences between a main release and a patchset

A product feature that requires the full cycle of planning, designing, test planning, test execution, packaging, documentation, etc. should be put into the main releases.

A patch or a patchset that are release vehicles for delivering the fixes to the products and we should avoid to put product features into it.  It will makes the cycle of of delivering patches becomes longer and will actually introduce uncertainties to the patch.

A developer who want to put the features into a patch typically does not mean to create any harms.  They have eagers to contribute to the product and should not be discouraged.

We  just need to help people to get familiar with the development methodologies.

That is why the in-job training is important for the quality of the products.

JDBC for MS SQL Server with Window Authenetication

Window Authentication requires the user name, password, and domain.   It took me sometime to find a solution.

1. Use the JTDS driver
It is a freeware
2. Use "net.sourceforge.jtds.jdbc.Driver" as the driver class name
3. Use a connection string like this:  jdbc:jtds:sqlserver://<hostname>:1433/<db name>;domain=<>","<user>","<password>"

The key is that the connection string needs to include the domain.

If you want to go fast, go alone. 
If you want to go far, go together.

EBS FSG metadata

Row Set
A row set consists of multiple rows.
The rows in a row set can be ordered by Line, which is the row number.

A row shows the result of a group by.  The row definition describes the group by criteria.
A row can be defined by the account assignments or by calculating the data across other rows.

Row: Account Assignment
When the Display Type is T (Total) and a range is specified, this is a filter criteria for the aggregated result.
When the Display Type is E (Expand), the given account segment is used a grouping attribute. 

Column Set
A column set includes one ore more columns.
Typically the account balance is the column.