Project Initiation - Project Charter

During the project initiation phase, a project charter can help facilitate the initialization process.

In the past, we have been asked to write such document and schedule the review with the stakeholders, before we kick off a project.

It describes what a project looks like and what resources needed, and how big the project will be.   It identifies the interim or final deliverables expected from the project.

I feel that this process is still important.  It is kind of like writing a contract.  People need to agree with the term and conditions before start working on the project.

For the internal software development projects, the quantified dollar values and the costs may not need to be tracked, but it is still helpful to write down the resource requirements and the business values the project may produce so people know why we do a project.

The system we are using for tracking the software projects can be used for tracking the project initiation as well.

Here are the information we need to enter:

CMR - Change Management Request

Change Management is part of the project management discipline to control the changes.

Change Management process is an important way to avoid the Scope Creep.
Sometime, people are not aware of the impact of a "small" change to the overall schedule or the quality of the product.  The formal change management process can help management and stakeholders realize that nothing is free.

Change management is not just for managing scope.

Managing a Programming Project

I found this book in a library used book sales.

This book first published in 1973 and the book I got is the 1981 version.

This book is still relevant.

It describe the SDLC as six phases:

DHQA - Development Handoff to QA

The Development Handoff to QA (DHQA) is an important event in a software project.

It is the event to indicate that the code is complete and ready for testing.

It means that developers finish the coding and the dev side of testing, including unit testing and certain level of integration testing.

Here are some of the check list items: