Monday, August 14, 2017

MacBook tips : install Homebrew

MacOS Sierra
Version 10.12.6

This tool is useful. -

/usr/bin/ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Dashboard Personalization Requriements

Dashboard Level

  • The dashboard components by default shown on the dashboard should be relevant to the roles of the users.
  • The dashboard components available to a user should be relevant to the roles of the users.
  • You should be able to turn on and off of components on a personalized view of a dashboard.
  • You should be able to reorder the components shown on the dashboard.  Reordering includes Move Up, Move Down,  Move Left, Move Right, Sharing the horizontal spaces among components, etc.
  • Arranging components within a dashboard should be an end user personalization function, not just a dashboard designer function.

Component Level

  • A Tabular view of the data is the most commonly seen component.
  • You should be able to add additional relevant fields that you are interested.  The IT or the vendor provided dashboard may define the relevant fields that are available, but as an end user, you should be able to hide and show (some) individual fields. 
  • For getting extra space for showing data, you should be able to remove the unwanted or not so useful fields.
  • You should be able to customize the width of the column displayed as part of user personalization.
  • You should be able to reorder the fields within a table
Almost all contents should be predefined by vendor managed dashboard and there should not be a need for any organization to hire "BI developer" to build dashboard.

NetSuite Expereince

Not very intuitive to use.

Expereince about Dashboard:

1. I cannot customize how many purchasing orders I would like to see myself after I login.
2. I cannot customize what fields I would like to see.

3. Can't remove the region not applicable to me

4. Can't see invoices, which are more relevant to me

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Paper Work for Offshore and Contractor Management

Here is about the paper work:

1. Master Service Agreement (MSA)

  • Prepare a draft MSA 
  • Get the legal departments sign off
  • Get the client sign off
  • Get the company legal representative (CFO, COO) sign off 
  • Keep the record in the legal or contract management departments

This is generic, not specific to a project and include the default terms that can be overridden at the SOW level.

2. Statement of Work (SOW)

This is more project specific and include the deliverables and times.

The financial terms, including the monthly pay rates, are included in SOW.

For maintenance work, the SOW may be renewed periodically.

3. Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA )

Both sides need to sign this NDA, before the contractor can start work.

4. Purchasing Order (PO)

PO are created in the system for the contracting services.

The MSA and SOW are the attachment for getting PO approved.

The PO will also need to be approved by Financial department against budget items.

5. Time Sheets and Work Verifications

6. Invoices

The vendor will send the invoice to the company.

The invoice should have an invoice number that is generated by the service providers.
The Invoice should refer to a PO that was created by the receiving company.

The PO should be an approved PO before the invoice can be verified and paid.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Acquisition and merging of companies and manager's jobs and challenges

It is a very healthy and productivity improving activities for the society and for shareholder and requires special skilled people to manage the process and make it smooth.  The goal for management is really about how to make the values from the acquired company to form the synergy, so one plus one is not just equal to two but greater than two.

This is about the value, which is a lot of times measured as Return on Investment.  From shareholder perspective, in a standard financial term, it is the EPS.  This is not about the size of the merged company.  The number of employees may increase or decrease.  The number of sites may increase or decrease.  The number of customers may increase or decrease.  The number of products may increase or decrease.  The point is the share holder's value should be increased.

Whether you within a merged and acquired company are on the increased or decreased sides, it really depends on what is the net contribution you and your organization are is on the equation.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

MVP Trap and RAT (Riskiest Assumption and Test)

Recently I had a conversation with our new product management VP.   It was a very interesting and enlightening talk.

A lot of time, the MVP is being misused or inappropriately applied.