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"80% of analytics is sums and averages"
~Aaron Kimball, wibidata

Communications in a software development organization

My experiences on these communication/ collaboration tool:
  1. Email
  2. Wiki
  3. Instant Messaging
  4. Phone
  5. Audio Conferencing
  6. Web Conferencing
  7. Oracle Social Network
  8. Collaboration Workspace
  9. Group Calendar
  10. Discussion Forum

User Preferences

1. Locale related

  • Territory
  • Date Format
  • Time Format
  • Number Format
  • Timezone
  • Currency
  • Language

Many of them are about displaying data.

Why are these important?  If a packaged system or software service is targeted to the global market, you need to consider users coming from different regions.

2. Accessibility
  • Need to Use Screen Reader ?
  • Color Contrast?
  • Large Font
We call these ADA compliance.  It is required for selling software or service to the governments. 

3. Notification Preference

How do you want to interact with the system?

Finger print on phone device

It gives some companies the power we've never gave to governments.

It can be used to track our personal identifies.  Once they start collecting it, they know you. Wherever fingerprint can be collected, such as the elevator buttons, they know where you have been. 

Due to the nature of the touch screen, almost all software on the touch screen devce can take finger prints.

Created my first Git repository

Just followed the instruction here:

This is a very good way to learn several basic idea in the software development process:

1. Version Control