Thursday, April 7, 2016

Idea, Discussion, Directions are not Enhancement Requests

A software enhancement request should be clear on what the feature will look like.

We do not need to define the solution and design yet, but we need enough information to work on them.

  • Use Case - How the users will use the feature.  Who are those users?  When will the users need this feature?
  • Justification - Why do you need it?  What happen if you do not have this?  Is there a workaround available?

Sometime, the request is too specific and does not include why.   We should not let a single customer/user define the product.  Even a request that is already defined specifically may need to be analyzed.

An idea may need to broken down into smaller pieces in order to be implemented.  The idea, the direction of the products should be captured separately from enhancement requests.
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