Thursday, April 7, 2016

Bugs and Enhancements

Bugs and enhancements should be tracked separately.

If you put them in the same repository, you need to ensure that they are correctly labeled.

If you do not put them into the same repository, you may find a lot of duplicates and found the disputes over whether an issue is a bug or an enhancement, and the filers may be confused.

When an issue come first, the people who file the issue may not know if it is a bug or an enhancement.  For them, an issue is an issue.  It requires the review and categorization by someone know the product to determine how the development organization should treat them.  If you delay in categorizing the issues, especially for those are not clear, developers are confused and do not know whether they should work on them.  On the other hand, if developers need to wait for the issues to be labeled as bugs to start fixing, you add extra process and extra time to the overall cycle.

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