Monday, March 23, 2015

Managing a Programming Project

I found this book in a library used book sales.

This book first published in 1973 and the book I got is the 1981 version.

This book is still relevant.

It describe the SDLC as six phases:

  1. Definition
    1. Problem Analysis
    2. Project Planning
    3. Writing Acceptance Criteria
  2. Design
    1. Design the system - Design Specification, Designer, Design Guidelines
    2. Project Planning (Again) 
  3. Programming
  4. System Test
    1. System Testing - Testing Specifications, Tester, Timing, Conducting the test
    2. Customer Training
  5. Acceptance 
    1. Acceptance Testing - Testing Spec, Criteria, Execution
    2. Documentation
  6. Installation and Operation
    1. Site Testing
    2. Conversion
    3. Tuning
    4. Project Evaluation

It mixes the project activities with the software development activities well.  Several key concepts, such as change control, are described.

It separates out the big projects and projects with multiple releases.

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