Tuesday, March 24, 2015

CMR - Change Management Request

Change Management is part of the project management discipline to control the changes.

Change Management process is an important way to avoid the Scope Creep.
Sometime, people are not aware of the impact of a "small" change to the overall schedule or the quality of the product.  The formal change management process can help management and stakeholders realize that nothing is free.

Change management is not just for managing scope.

If you need to have more resources to keep the original schedule and to complete the original defined scope, there is a resource change request.

If you need more time to finish the original scope with the current level of resource, there is a schedule change request.

A change request needs to be sent to impacted people who may be the owner of the resources, the people who are handling the downstream processes and waiting for the work from the changed tasks, or the consumers.

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