Thursday, July 11, 2013

Regression testing

Regression testing is to ensure the software still working as designed.

Since we continue making the changes to software for introducing new features or fixing bugs, the changes may accidentally introduce bugs which cause the other existing features that were working become not working.

Regression testing is the way to detect this type of issues.

Regression testing should be automated if possible.

Ideally it should be executed every day.

The problem needs to be uncovered as early as possible.

The test cases used in regression testing are typically not new test cases.  They are the test cases used in feature testing.

Obviously the test case can become invalid since the product feature may change.  The test case should be associated with the product feature somehow so when the product functionality changes, we remember to up date the regression test.

Here is a good article. - Regression Testing with Regression Testing Tools and Best Practices.  I agree every single word described.
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