Thursday, June 27, 2013

Team Work

Some people are good at finding issues.
Some people are good at solving issues.

Sometimes those people who are good at finding issues cannot show their values as the issues they found are ignored or overlooked by the organization.

Sometimes they are afraid of raising issues and telling others.

Some people good at finding issues but do not know how to express themselves or do not know how to properly express themselves at the right time and in a right way.  They may get some recognitions but won't get the credits.

Sometimes those people who are capable to solve the issues are not solving issues for some reasons, such as lack of the motivation or wrongly assigned to different tasks.

There are people who are lacking self awareness or organization awareness.
There are good observers who can monitor organization and find the above mismatch.

There are action takers who know the above organizational issues and can act on it and fix the organizational issue.

We call those people managers.

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