Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Use Wikidpad (2)

Where to Download the Wikidpad software?

You can find it in  Here is the specific Wikidpad Download page.

After I downloaded it, I got the WikidPad-2.1_01.exe file (7777KB) in my Downloads directory.

The WikiPad developer allows us to install the software in a portable form.  It means that we can install it into a USB drive.

It takes 25.5 MB from the disk after installing the software.

Getting Start with Wikidpad

It may confuse you after you open the Wikidpad first time.

It opens the WikidPadHelp wiki file, the help file itself written as a Wikidpad wiki file.

You can go ahead to create your first wiki file by click menu (Wiki -> New).

A dialog window "Create New Wiki" popup.

It asks you to enter a "WikiWord".   It is confusing again.

A wikiword is nothing but a term capitalized and connected without space.

You can enter "MyWiki" as a a start.  It will ask you where to save the file, like NotePad.

This step will create a file called "".

How to create a wiki page in WikidPad?

You should see three wiki page already created for you:
  • MyWiki
  • ScratchPad
  • WikiSettings
This is still confusing.

The MyWiki page is the wiki home page of your wiki workspace.  It supposes a wiki page that contains links to other pages.

The name "MyWiki" is coming from the name entered as the "WikiWord" when you create the wiki file.

ScratchPad page is a child page that is created by default under MyWiki page.  You cannot delete this page. 

To create a new page, you can simply enter another "WikiWord" in the ScratchPad page or the MyWiki page.

For example, you can enter "FirstPage" and click Ctrl-S to save the page.  You will notice that the FirstPage is created under the MyWiki or the Scratch page as another child page.

This behavior is similar to other wiki software.  You create a new page by creating a new link first.  The page name is the same as the title of the page without space.

Wikidpad makes an assumption that all "WikiWord" are links to a child page.  To turn off the behavior, you need to escape it by entering "\FirstPage".

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