Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Use Wikidpad (1)

What is Wikidpad?

Wikidpad is a desktop software that allows you to create a personal wiki.
A wiki publishes and shares the information. A personal wiki is for creating wiki pages that hold notes taken for yourselves.

I think that Wikidpad is really a note taking software.

You can use Notepad to take notes.  Notepad lets you enter text and save it to a local file.

Wikidpad does a similar thing.  You write your notes and save it locally.

Wikidpad is a more advanced software than Notepad in that it allows you to organize your notes.

Unlike Notepad or Textpad, Wikidpad does not just store the notes in text files.  It also stores the index to organize the individual wiki pages in a database.  This feature is similar to the feature available in many other wiki software packages.

Unlike the other wiki software that stores the wiki pages in a database server, Wikidpad stores the wiki index in a sqlite database.  It is basically a structured file that does not require you to install any database management system.

It makes that the wiki pages created by Wikidpad is very portable.  You can save the .wiki file in a USB and take it with you.  You can email or upload the file.

Each wiki file consists of multiple pages.

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