Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Yahoo!Bookmarks is horrible

I have not used del.icio.us for a while. I am reorganizing my bookmarks and decided to get Yahoo!Bookmark a try.

I cannot believe that this is a product from Yahoo!. It has a very poor UI design.

1. I am confused about the Folder and Tag switch.

I do not understand why we need the concept of "Folder". I think that if they would like to introduce the tree-like structure as the folder, they should provide a default folder structure as a starting point. The structure should, of course, allows the users to customize, including add and deleting folder entries.

Also, they know to display more than one level in their directory service. They use a Tree like UI on the left that is different from their traditional directory service.

2. I do not know how to add a category
The UI should allow the user to add a category from the Add bookmark popup.

3. I do not know what "Save a Copy" means.

4. I am also confused with "Quick List". Why do we need it?

They have a decent product called del.icio.us. I am not sure why they reinvent something such poor.

5. The bookmark icon in the toolbar also confuse me.

6. If I want to edit an entry, why I cannot just select a link next to the entry. I do not understand what the UI designer thinks.

7. Why do I have to select more than one entry in order to update the category?

If I just simply change the category or remove tags for an entry, why do I need to 1) select the checkbox; 2) use the top action links. Why not just show a delete checkbox and let me delete it immediately?

Multi-select should not be the only option.
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