Sunday, September 12, 2010

Interesting blog comparing work cultures from different companies

I found Li Gong's blog recently. I am interesting in this Li Gong since he was one of the person who worked for Sun and gained Java related patents for Sun. His name mentioned in two of the patents that mentioned in the recent document "COMPLAINT FOR PATENT AND COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT Oracle vs. Google".

I do not have any opinion and any comment about the case. I was a Java developer when I first joined Oracle in 1996. My first project is to use Java to build an application integration workbench. I was one of very few engineers who had a chance to work on Java related project at e-business suite development team at that time.

Lately I found that Android is a quite interesting and seems a popular platform. I gave up Window CE based Black Jack and moved to Black Berry Curve last year. While many my co-workers are using iPhone, I am considering to have a HTC with Android for my next phone if possible by the end of this year.

Li Gong's post talked about the culture differences between Oracle, Sun, and Microsoft. His conclusion is - “go back to school, do not venture out, it is a jungle out there”, the world wishes the best to all Sun folks.

We have gone through several acquisition at Oracle and my co-workers from various companies from PeopleSoft, Siebel, Hyperion, Retail, Agile, G-Log, Sunoposis (ODI), Golden Gate, etc. I found that I am quite happy to have a chance to work with these smart people joined from various companies and learned the advance technologies and applications, as well as the valuable experiences from them.
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