Saturday, July 22, 2006

Registered with

1. Registration
The registration page is quite simple. It established the two URLs automatically.

My URL :
My Blog URL:

2. InBox?
I have an Inbox, but I cannot find how to send a message.

3. Video
It allows me to upload a video. Is this a vLog?

4. Calendar
It also allows me to put my calendar there. I do not think that I will use it. My Calendar are really my work calendar. It needs to be under my company's intranet. I use it all the time so I do not think that I will need another public calendar. Maybe for reminders of my friends's birthday or special events? I do not know. It seems not very useful. This is also holding true for other calendars - Yahoo Calendar, Google Calendar, etc.

Actually subscribing public calendar may be a good business idea. I frequent want to know what to do during weekend, especially want to know where to bring my kids. It would be great if I can subscribe a public calendar, that's say, "3-5 year old kids events in S.F Bayarea". I can just check my own calendar that includes all the "ads" invites. These Ads are welcome since it helps arrange my weekend. I hope that the nearby Zoo, Muzeum, or street fair, can publish their event calendar on the web and I can subscribe.

5. Blog
I do not really need another one.
However, it would be a great idea if I can use their URL to redirect to the one I have on Google Blogger.

6. My School
It should not be difficult to provide a list of schools for the users to pick from the list. Not sure why they do a search.

I enter "CMU", but it cannot find Carnegie Mellon University. There are rooms for improvement.

I cannot see "Taiwan" or "China" on the search list. It should allow me to enter on my own.

7. Personal Information
They can really help me to host my entire RESUME. I used to do this on the web site like

Are they competing with each other?

What missing there are "Work Experience" or "Project". It will be a key differentiation for professional social network and these public social network.

8. Grade Your Professor

I do not think that this is a good idea. If I were a professor, I would not want to be graded in this way. Also, what is the intention? Help other kids to select courses to take? Why do we need this in public?

I do believe that "扬善于公堂,规过于私室" is a basic principle we should follow.

9. Why not "Grade your student" or "Grade your employee"

I think that this would be a good idea. As an employer, I would like see if my candidate can get some recommendation letters from his teachers and from his ex-employers. I think that the social website should provide such service to host these recommendations. Actually I will hope that the candidate can get a list of people that I can access from his MySpace. I thik that the busines process flow can be as follow:
  1. I request for reference
  2. He go back to see if any his teacher or former employer can provide one.
  3. The system should generate a key for me o access or even contact his reference.
  4. Our conversation should be private so the candidate should not need to know our conversation.
  5. I hope that the service provider can certified with the school so I can trust the recommendation.
Basically, I think that we can move the entire graduate school application process online.
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