Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Release Management

Release Planning

A list of features should be scheduled as part of the planning process.  In scrum method, each sprint is a release.  The release planning is handled as the sprint planning.
The features or fixes are prioritized.  They are documented as backlogs in the scrum system.

Release Notification

A list of customers may be waiting for a fix or a feature for a given release.  You will need to notify the customers that a release is available.


The release note should mention what fixes and features are available.
The release note should be searchable.  A customer should be able to know what is the minimum required version for getting a specific fix or a feature.

Release Tracking on the Customer Site

For a given instance, you should be able to know the update history.  What is the version of the installation and what patches were applied.

It is particularly useful for the hosted environment.  The hosted customers should be able to submit the change requests.  Once the change is applied, the change history should be kept.  The change requests become the orders for DevOps.

When your software is solid, few customers may need or want to take an update.  The frequency can vary depending on the status of the product.

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