Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Task Management

Five good tips:

1. Use a software for tracking tasks

tracking task
- what are the tasks
- who are assigned
- what is the current status - Not yet started? WIP? Stuck? Completed?
- who are the consumers?  How critical it is?  Will it cause any delay of subsequent tasks?

2. Define Guidelines and Standards
- How to assign resources?  Manually or rule based - pick up your own tasks
- How to update the status?
- How to report issues? for which will affect the duration, the quality of the product, etc.
- Who and how to inform?

3. Priority
- Criteria - reflect the value of the organization
- the priority for each task - which can be deferred and which need to work overtime
- Assigning all as P1 mean there is no priority!

4. Setup reminder and alerts

5. Follow through
- Regular checkup
- ad hoc inquery - email, phone, etc.

Here is the link to where the idea comes from

Details are mine.
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