Friday, January 13, 2017

Progress and Status Meeting Templates

Development/Release Meeting

Run this meeting by release.  If there is only one release, check for the current release.
After code complete, start with QA to know where we are. 
  • Any blocking issue (hardware, software, human resource) for testing 
  • Test case - completion.  What area are tested and what are remaining?
  • # of bugs to be tested/verified? Pipeline for QA
  • Satisfactions - Pass Rate? New issues? Regression?
  • Check Exit Criteria
  • Whether we can get into release candidate phase
The goal to ensure that the product can be released with quality.

Before code complete, start with DEV by area
  • Design sign-off
  • Coding - what have been done, estimate the remaining work
  • Any functional design clarification? - many activities within a day without waiting for the regular meeting
The goal is for product to be completed and ready for testing

Development Planning Meeting

Scoping decision for a release or for a sprint.
Use the backlog list as the input
  • What are the main theme for each release?
  • What are the criteria for adding a feature in
  • What is the target date?
  • Who are the main customers
  • Scope - Time - Resource Triangle.

Customer / Support

Run this by customers and by tickets
Typically we should have a customer advocate for critical customers.
Customer Implementation Phases:
  • Design questions about how to do XXX
  • Test - how to migrate from Test to Dev, share the knowledge about methodologies, and experiences, what work and what does not.  What are the best practices?
  • UAT - the deploying company will handle this but share the user feedback
Customer Go Live support - on the D day
After go live, any customer/end user issues

What are the customer bugs logged by or for the customer?  What are the status?
  • Can we reproduce?
  • Have we committed?  
  • For the committed bugs, have we fixed?  Which release the fix will be available?


Run the meeting by customers/prospect.
Build the Demo env and build demos (for each)
  • What are the scenarios the customer is looking for
  • What are the gaps of the product and what we will do for them?
  • Future Roadmap? Scheduled Enhancement?  Any workaround?
  • Success or Failure?  What lesson learned ?
Logistic - When? Who? Travel required? 

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