Monday, February 22, 2016

XSLT Processor

Many metadata are stored in XML.

Before we use XML to store metadata, many people use relational database to store metadata.

You can easily query data from relational database such as Oracle, however, the cost it to install and maintain such env.  If the data set is very small, it seems not worth to take this effort.

Before we have XML, Oracle forms and reports were maintained using proprietary file formats.  Microsoft words are also storing documents in its own data structure. 

Later, many tools provide metadata in the XML format.

Oracle BI EE RPD files can be converted to XML.

The benefits of storing metadata in XML are ...

The files can be processed by many free tools.

XLST is one of such tools.

Mac and Linux has built-in tool installed.


Here is a sample call:

$ xsltproc -o result.html transform.xsl sourcefile.xml

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