Friday, January 29, 2016

EBS Asset Reports

Here are the OOTB reports from EBS:

It looks like that the EBS FA team created a lot of OOTB reports!

FAS400 Journal Entry Reserve Ledger Report
FAS401 Responsibility Reserve Ledger Report
FAS402 Fully Reserved Assets Report
FAS403 Account Reconciliation Reserve Ledger Report
FAS410 Asset Inventory Report
FAS420 Asset Additions Report
FAS421 Asset Additions By Cost Center Report
FAS423 Conversion Assets Report
FAS430 Asset Transfers Report
FAS431 Asset Transfer Reconciliation Report
FAS440 Asset Retirements Report
FAS441 Asset Retirements By Cost Center Report
FAS442 Reinstated Assets Report

FAS443 Form 4797 – Gain from the Disposition of 1245 Property
FAS444 Retired Assets Without Property Classes Report
FAS445 Form 4797 – Gain from the Disposition of 1250 Property
FAS446 Form 4797 – Sales or Exchanges of Property Report
FAS447 Form 4797 – Ordinary Gains and Losses Report
FAS448 Retired Assets Without Retirement Types Report
FAS449 Form 4684 – Casualties and Thefts Report
FAS460 Property Tax Report FAS480 Tax Reserve Ledger Report
FAS490 Asset Additions Responsibility Report
FAS500 Asset Disposals Responsibility Report
FAS520 Tax Retirements Report FAS530 Transaction History Report
FAS540 Tax Additions Report
FAS551 Depreciation Projections Report
FAS561 Depreciation Projections by Cost Center Report
FAS590 Investment Tax Credit Report
FAS600 Asset Register Report
FAS700 Assets Not Assigned To Any Books Listing
FAS710 Assets Not Assigned To Any Cost Centers Listing
FAS720 Asset Tag Listing FAS730 Asset Description Listing
FAS740 Asset Reclassification Report
FAS741 Asset Reclassification Reconciliation Report
FAS750 Asset Category Listing
FAS770 Form 4562 – Depreciation and Amortization Report
FAS771 Adjusted Form 4562 – Depreciation and Amortization Report
FAS780 Assets By Category Report
FAS811 Mass Transfer Preview Report
FAS822 Mass Additions Create Report
FAS823 Mass Additions Status Report
FAS824 Mass Additions Posting Report
FAS826 Mass Additions Purge Report
FAS828 Delete Mass Additions Preview Report
FAS829 Mass Additions Delete Report
FAS833 Unposted Mass Additions report
FAS840 Cost Adjustments Report
FAS860 Mass Change Preview Report
FAS861 Mass Change Review Report
FAS870 Reserve Adjustments Report
FAS911 Depreciation Rates Listing
FAS930 Leased Assets Report
FAS955 Budget–to–Actual Report
FAS956 Budget Report
FASAAMTD Adjusted Form 4626–AMT Detail Report
FASAAMTS Adjusted Form 4626–AMT Summary Report
FASACEAU ACE Assets Update Report
FASACEDP ACE Depreciation Comparison Report
FASACEND ACE Non–Depreciating Assets Exception Report
FASACEUD ACE Unrecognized Depreciation Method Code Exception Report
FASANADD Annual Additions Report
FASASSBS Additions By Source Report F
ASCAPSP Capital Spending Report
FASCASR Cost Adjustments by Source Report
FASCC Cost Clearing Reconciliation Report
FASCEILG Ceiling Listing
FASCOSTD Cost Detail Report
FASCOSTS Cost Summary Report
FASDPAPV Mass Depreciation Adjustment Preview Report
FASDPARV Mass Depreciation Adjustment Review Report
FASDRILA Account Drill Down Report
FASDRILL Drill Down Report
FASEXPRP Expensed Property Report F
ASFIADJ Financial Adjustments Report
FASINDX Database Index Listing
FASINSDR Insurance Data Report
FASINSVR Insurance Values Detail Report
FASITCRT ITC Rates Listing
FASLSCAL Calendar Listing
FASLSPRC Prorate Convention Listing
FASMAIMR Mass Additions Invoice Merge Report
FASMAINT Asset Maintenance Report
FASMAISP Mass Additions Invoice Split Report
FASMRET Mass Retirements Report
FASMRETX Mass Retirements Exception Report
FASMSUOP Units of Production Assets Report
FASNBV Diminishing Value Report
FASNDPRP Non–Depreciating Property Report
FASPARAS Parent Asset Report
FASPARTX Parent Asset Transactions Report
FASPRJ Depreciation Projection Report
FASPRX Price Index Listing
FASRCOST Recoverable Cost Report
FASRCPVW Mass Reclassification Preview Report
FASRCRVW Mass Reclassification Review Report
FASRREV Revalued Asset Retirements Report
FASRSVED Reserve Detail Report and Revaluation Reserve Detail Report
FASRSVES Reserve Summary Report and Revaluation Reserve Summary Report
FASRTDBR Bonus Depreciation Rule Listing
FASRVPVW Mass Revaluation Preview Report
FASRVRED Revaluation Reserve Detail Report
FASRVRES Production Summary Report
FASRVRVW Mass Revaluation Review Report
FASTXPRF Tax Preference Report
FASUNPLD Unplanned Depreciation
FASUOPHI Production History Report
FASWIPAS CIP Assets Report
FASWIPCR CIP Capitalization Report
RXFAAC RX–only: Asset Cost Balance Report
RXFAAD RX–only: Accum Deprn Balance Report
RXFAADD RX–only: Additions by Date–Placed–in–Service Report
RXFAADP RX–only: Additions by Period Report
RXFAADR RX–only: Additions by Responsibility Report
RXFACAJ RX–only: Cost Adjustments Report
RXFACAP RX–only: Capitalizations Report
RXFAHWD Hypothetical What–If Depreciation Analysis
RXFAMAD RX–only: Mass Additions Report
RXFAPIC RX–only: Physical Inventory Comparison Report
RXFAPIM RX–only: Physical Inventory Missing Assets Report
RXFAPTAX RX–only: Property Tax Report
RXFARCL RX–only: Reclass Report
RXFARCLP RX–only: Mass Reclassification Preview Report
RXFARCLR RX–only: Review Mass Reclassifications
Report RXFARET RX–only: Retirements Report
RXFARL RX–only: Reserve Ledger Report
RXFARR RX–only: Reval Reserve Balance Report
RXFATFR RX–only: Asset Transfers Report
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