Wednesday, December 9, 2015

EBS EAM Resource Model

EBS EAM uses "WIP job" to model the service requests.
Each job can be done with a series of tasks that are modeled in the operation table.

The resources who are assigned to work on the jobs are stored in BOM RESOURCE.

BOM RESOURCE is not necessary in capturing the individuals.

WIP model was designed for Manufacturing, and was reused in EAM later.  EAM was added to Oracle E-Business Suite much later.

BOM Resources could labor or equipment.  When a BOM resource is created for labor, it can be created as a bucket.  The key is that the resources could be a constraint resource that you need to
  • Identify the needs, in term of the skill requirements
  • Estimate the demands, in term of labor efforts (hours)
  • Measure whether you can sufficient resources to work on the jobs in the pipeline.
To identify the individual person who is part of the resource pool.  BOM RESOURCE EMPLOYEE can be used.  It links to the people records created in HR person table (PER_ALL_PEOPLE_F)

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