Sunday, November 15, 2015

Product Management Roles

There is a good discussion in Linkedin Product Management group:

Why you became a product manager? or why you want to be a product manager?

Here is my view:

As a PM, you do not just know the current products inside out. You also need to know what are missing and what the product should be, and have the desire to make the changes.

We may not currently know exactly who the customers are and what would make them pay, but a PM should have the the skills to figure out.  I feel that it is the skill, not just the knowledge matter.  I would probably hire a PM who has these skills, not make a development person or a QA who has the product knowledge, but lack those skills, to be a PM.

A product manager needs to have the communication skills to make the rest of organization, including QA and Dev, know.  Many work involve communicating, documenting, clarifying, and following up.

Also, you need to make decision by balancing among different goals, such as time-to-market and completeness of product features, costs and benefits, etc.

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