Monday, October 26, 2015

SaaS vs Custom Sotfware Hosting

Software as a service means that you, as a client, do not need to install and deploy software.  You can just use your browser to access your application.  On premise deployment, on the other hand, means that you have to deal with installation, deployment, and customization yourselves. I recently learned a new type of software hosting service for on-premise deployments.

The service is exactly focusing on the pain point, dealing the customization of the software.  

Even for the software you deployed on premise, nowadays you can get the standard software from the software vendors online.  The installation and upgrade can be handled already via some automation.  However, the software package you get is still the standard software like everyone else has.

The new concept is that the customized software and configuration information are stored in the service provider.  You never really customize the software yourselves.  Instead, the service company provides the customized software for you.  The software you have is kind of a branch of the standard software and maintained by the service provider.  Also, the configuration files or metadata are deployed from the testing instance that the service hosted.  You are the client of the service provider and they maintain your software packages for you.  However, when it comes to deployment, you still have it in your facilities and still inside your firewall.

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