Thursday, October 15, 2015

Oracle Applications: JDE, EBS, PSFT and ERP Cloud

Oracle shares a research note from Nucleus research.

Based on the matrix, from functionality perspective:

JDE > EBS > PSFT > ERP Cloud

From usability perspective:

JDE > ERP Cloud > EBS > PeopleSoft

Here are my observations:

1. JDE is still the leader, at least in the SME market.

JDE has many loyal customers.


2. ERP Cloud's usability is better than EBS.

The Fusion apps were rewritten in a more advanced framework. We learned a lot of UX from PSFT and JDE in the initial phase. It should not be a surprise.

For example, JDE has the QBE (Query by Example) feature built on top of the table.  EBS uses different modes, query mode and entry mode. 

3. ERP Cloud is still behind EBS and PeopleSoft in functionality.

It is difficult to catch up as there are a lot of customization built for EBS over years.


4. I am a little bit surprised by the usability rank of PeopleSoft.

EBS still has a mix of OAF and Java Applet based apps in R12, but PeopleSoft apps are all in the web base UI technology designed for use by expert. I guess that this is due to the efforts put by the EBS team to improve the usability. It becomes harder to replace EBS.
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