Friday, October 16, 2015

Graph Database for modeling the Party Relationship

The network of trading partner seems fitting into the graph database perfectly.

When we designed TCA model for EBS, at that time, we had no choice but store the data in a relational database. The immediate limitation is that the foreign key is directional. When we want to simply query the related parties, we have to query twice.

We cannot do much but showing the directly related parties. How can we answer the question like Linkedin does - showing how two people are linked via the indirect relationship?

I feel that modeling the relationship in a Graph database can be a solution.

It will be useful for upsell in this scenario:

XYZ is a potential customer
XYZ is a customer of ABC

ABC is your loyal customer

You can use ABC as a reference to sell products to XYZ, or proactively find all potential customers via ABC's network.

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