Wednesday, April 8, 2015

QA Test Plan Review and Sign Off

QA should come up the test plan that describes what will be tested and when the test execution will be started and will be done.

The Dev team should review and sign off the test plan.

The dev team reviews the QA Test plan to ensure that coverage.  An effective communication is a bi directional communication.  DHQA provides the information to QA about what has been done and what need to be tested.   QA shares the test plan to show QA's understanding of what to be tested.  The dev review is to ensure that the scope assumptions from both teams are matched.

Letting the dev team knows when the testing is being executed, so the dev team can prepare to receive the incoming bug flows and can provide the supports.  The dev manager can allocate the resource time to provide the support and for fixing the bugs.

The test plan is a project plan and the tasks involved in finishing the project should be decomposed into smaller units of work.  The progress can be tracked by measuring these tasks.

From the software testing perspectives, the test executions may be decomposed by the number of the iterations or the number of builds.  The test plan should include the planned start and planned finish dates for each of these iterations.

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