Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Software Testing for Cloud Applications (1)

Testing software for cloud is a little bit different from the testing for the software that will be deployed on premise.

For software that are delivered as both cloud service and the independent software, there are two layers of testing.  The software is first tested by the software QA and then tested by the team who test the software for cloud.

When the software is tested for being deployed in an on prem env, we need to consider much more deploying environments.  The hardware could be different.  The size could be different.

When the software is tested for being deployed as a cloud service, the hardware is standardized.

The 1st run of the testing by software QA does not have to be complete before dropping the software for cloud deployment.  The reason is that cloud env is a closed env.  Only the particular configuration that is being used in the cloud env needs to be tested first.

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