Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Software Sustain Engineering

Sustain Engineering is not necessary a required function within the software development organization.

Initially when I first become a software engineer, there is no such function.  Sustain engineering is part of the duties of the regular software development groups.  Sustain Engineering gradually become a separate function.

The sustain engineering team is handling the products that have moved into production.  The sustain engineering team monitors the product throughout the rest of the lifecycle until the product terminated and becomes obsolete.

Sometime people refer the sustain engineering team as the maintenance team.

The nature of the work could be different.  The work tends to be more ad hoc and more issue-oriented.  In other word, the every day life of the members in the sustain engineering team is dissimilar to the core development team which is more project based, with the scheduled activities.    It could be rewarding too.  The sustain engineering may see different challenges and may have a bigger coverage comparing to the software engineers that are assigned in the core development team.  Within a year, the member of the sustain engineering  team may touch different part of the products while the members in the core development team only work on one or two projects within a specialized functional area or technologies.

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