Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Running Application on Cloud (1)

Running Apps on Cloud is not new.

The mainframe apps were running as hosted apps.  At that time, hardware business is also software business. The users were using terminals to access their apps.

We later moved to the client/server model. The desktop computing ago come.  Two key technologies enabled this client/server computing: Wintel PC and LAN. The benefit is to empower the end users. 
Later, we found that client / server is a maintenance nightmare.  It is when the client / server model was modified to the "thin client" or to the three tie model.

Web based computing come about the same time.  We then moved the thin client part to web.  The degree of using browser varies.  Gradually people found out putting logic into browser is not a bad idea.  That's where Web2.0 kicked in.

Now, we are in another paradigm swift.
The key driving technology is the network bandwidth is reaching a point to let us to run the apps over Internet. At least, we now know better about mastering it.  Of course, there are computing technologies as well, such as virturalization.

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