Sunday, July 22, 2012

GTD Contexts

1. Someday/Maybe List

This is a Wish List.  If I have time I should spend some time on this task.
I still review it regularly to remind myself that I do not forget them.

This is different from the list that I will be regularly once a week on a specific scheduled time.

This is the list of tasks that I am not working on it.  The items listed here are unplanned lists.

It could be a project that still has not yet been broken down.

It can be a project idea.  They can be removed after researched and planned and the individual breakdown items ( not the whole item) are moved to other context category.

This a blog posting about Seven Problems with a Someday/Maybe List.

2. Special Occasions

I am assigning tasks to the future of me under some occasions.

Typically these are part of my regular life.  Either once a week or  may be a particular time everyday.

The typical example used are @Home, @Work, @Errands, or Reading List.

I feel that it still very important to talk with people in person even we can send emails and using messaging.  Having one on one with your boss and your directs are part of the system developed within my company.

My contexts are organized by people
@Boss 1on1
@Mary 1on1
@HQ Office
@Pleasanton Office

@Weekly Staff Meeting
@Weekly IDC Meeting
@Home with kid
@This weekend

The more context you have, the more regular scheduled time blocks you have.  It may become less flexible, but I feel that I will be more organized.

This is a good article that talks about GTD contexts -  What is (not) a GTD context?

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