Friday, August 5, 2011

Fixed barrack, floating soldiers

I read a good article. It is written in Chinese


This sentence's original meaning was "Soldiers come soldiers go, the military camps stay fortified." In military, soldiers typically stayed for a fixed period, such as two years.  However, there are regular missions and work have to done, and cannot be stopped.

If staff changing is expected, the way how to handle the situation is to keep some staff changes, not as often as others.

However, I also disagree that an organization should keep adding new people.  Adding people requires team building activities.  Changing the team member too often may make the team under an unstable state.

A good way to handle it is that assuming soldier only stay two years. Replacing half of them a year and keep the other half not changed.  You will still have people can lead.  You need to have some sergeants who can stay longer and lieutenants who may stay even longer.

Keeping everyone staying as long as possible may not be a good practice if there is not much growing opportunities inside, but a lot of great job opportunities outside.
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