Sunday, March 13, 2011

EBS HR DateTrack (1)

This is my first posting about the EBS DateTrack feature.

E-Business Suite Human Resource Management apps allows us to track the historical person information. Both Person and Employee Assignment are the "DateTrack" tables.

Why do we need the DateTrack feature?

In EBS, this feature is mainly available in HR apps. In PeopleSoft, Effective Dating is everywhere.

The DateTrack is important for HR as HR system needs to maintain the continuous history of information over time. Employees may change managers, change organizations, change the job titles, got promoted, moved to different locations. Sometime we want to look in the past and answer the question like "When did John got promoted to dev manager?", "At 2005, were Tom working in the XXX team?", or "What was Susan's salary in 2008?"

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