Saturday, January 22, 2011

Oracle Application Express(3)

SQL Workshop

SQL Workshop is an existing web application available in the workspace.

It may confuse those people who do not have SQL background and do not know anything about database.

However, since the APEX service providers assume that the workspace users are database application developers., so it provides such applications.

Most database developers use some kind of the database client software, such as SQL Developer. However, I do not think that you are allowed to use the SQL developer to access the hosted APEX database. The SQL Workshop is provided for serving the purposes:

1. Create Tables and other objects (view, index, sequence, synonym, trigger, etc.)
2. Create PL/SQL package, function, or procedure.
3. Query the database

It is the "SQL*Plus" for accessing APEX database.

However, it is also designed for those who do not know SQL and it provides wizard like step by step process to create tables and create queries. I think that most of the real database application developers may not need them. But it is a good learning tool for those who do not have SQL or database experiences.

You do not have to use those wizards. You can still do DDL and DML using SQL.

You can create scripts and upload your scripts. It is a little IDE for PL/SQL.

You can also upload data.

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