Monday, December 13, 2010

Oracle EBS Data Model

Oracle EBS provides the technical reference guide in eTRM. eTRM is a documentation service provided by Oracle to the customers that have the support contract -

Oracle EBS stores the tables and descriptions in FND_TABLES and FND_COLUMNS. If the table and columns are registered using AD_DD, the table and column descriptions will be stored in the above tables.

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To get the correct list of columns for a table, the Oralce database data dictionary should be used. FND tables store the design time data. The FND table and column definition may be stored ahead of time before you apply a patch. The obsolete columns may still be represented in the tables.

Here is a script I found that merge the FND and Oracle database data dictionary.

Oracle EBS does not define the foreign keys within the database. In order to get the reference information, FND tables should be used. Oracle EBS does not use the USER_TAB_COMMENTS or USER_COL_COMMENTS.
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