Thursday, June 17, 2010

Mobile Apps Wish List 1

1. Dial In to a conference call with one button

It should allow me to program the call script first. I should be able to save a phone number and a series of keys and save the time waiting between pressing these keys.

This is so simple function. Not sure if any phone can support this.

2. Join the Web conference to view slide show

I think that the change required on the web conference technology. They need to support a more light weight presentation/ screen play.

Maybe only supporting powerpoint like slide show should be enough. Many web conference is showing PPT. We do not need such high bandwidth communication in between.

The slides can be sent in one page at a time. Mouse movement events do not have to be passed.

Also, text content should be treated as text, not image, to lower the traffic.

Then I should be able to view it from my phone.

3. Check Availability of the people I am calling

I am able to see the status before I contact people via Instant Messenger. I should be able to do the same thing in my phone.

This can be a separate message sent to the person's mobile phone. The mobile phone should answer this type of requests to a list of people in the contact list.

I should be able to publish my status via my phone with the text message "busy", "in a meeting", "studying", or "free to talk" and people should be able to check before they call me. It will lower the traffic too.

4. Pre-record messages for a short period of time

I should be able to pre-record the message for people calling me. The feature is similar to answer machine. I can say "I am in a meeting now, please press #6 if this is urgent, otherwise, I will be available at 3pm, please press #5 if you want to leave me a voice message."

I should be able to set the end time of this voice message to 3pm, just like setting the vacation auto response emails.

5. Low batttery reminder

My phone should call me to remind me. Some alarm will help.

6. Check bus schedule and active status

The car should publish where it is to the network. The subscription program should be able to show the current location on a map.

This does not necessary requiring a GPS.

The bus is going with a scheduled routine. When the bus is reached a stop, the bus driver can just press a button to recognize the bus's location. The key is that the message should be sent to a server or to be published using some message to the network. (If this is done by a human being, it will be just a phone call to someone.)

More to come.....
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