Monday, December 7, 2009

Software Development Project Management

Software projects have some additional project management requirements. It uses some management tools which may not be commonly used in other type of projects.

Here are some terms:

Software Release: It can be represented as a number. The historical projects are associated with a release that is already available to the customer. Otherwise, projects are associated with a release that is currently actively being worked or a future release.

Staffing: The project management for all different types of projects need to have the staffing function. Some typical roles involved in the software development projects are Dev, QA, Doc, Performance, and Product Management. When it comes to the stage of planning, a another common seen categorization is in-shore, off-shore, and near shore.

Hardware Planning/Allocation: These can also be part of the software development project planning process. Although the hardwares are allocated by product development groups, but the usage of the machines could be shared across projects. Capturing the hardware requirement for each project could be a unique requirement for software project management. Hardware needs to be used by coding and unit testing, engineering acceptance testing, feature testing, performance/volume testing, etc.

(to be continued...) Phase, Build, Certification, Exit Criteria, Show Stopper, etc.
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