Friday, May 30, 2008

PeopleSoft Tree Manager 6: What are the names of the Tree tables?

The PEOPLESOFT blog provides a list of tables and their descriptions:

PSTREEDEFN: Stores valid tree definitions. Updated by the Tree Manager. Non English stored in PSTREEDEFNLANG.
PSTREENODE: Contains one entry per tree node / deptid. Defines relationships between nodes. Updated by the Tree Manager.
PSTREEBRANCH: Stores tree branches.
PSTREESTRCT: Defines the different records and fields that control the tree attributes. Updated by the Tree Manager.
PSTREELEVEL: Validation table for tree levels. Updated by Tree Manager.
PS_ACCESS_GRP_TBL: Stores defined Access Groups. Used for Query Security
PSTREESELECT: 01-30 Stores tree leaf information (one table for every possible length of a chart field 1-30 characters). Work table for optimization purposes.
PSTREELEAF:Contains ranges of field values that are associated with a node of a tree.
PSTREEPROMPT (Specific to 8.x and up only): Stores similar information as PSTREEDEFN and is needed for trees to be viewed through PIA
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