Sunday, May 18, 2008

PeopleSoft Tree Manager 2: Tree and Date Effectivity

A tree always has a tree name. Some trees can have an effective date. It means that the entire tree becomes effective since that date. If two trees have the same name but different effective date, one tree will still be effective until the other tree becomes effective. As my previous posting pointed, PeopleSoft effective date support does not have the end date. A tree becomes ineffective if another effective tree with the same name exists.

In PeopleSoft Tree Manager, the individual relationships are NOT effective dated. Changes to the tree will be considered effective since the tree effective date.

The effective date at the tree level makes the tree can have multiple versions, each is effective for a period of time. If a historical image of the change needs to be kept, each change will need to be made in a copied of the entire tree even only a small branch of tree is changed.

Since Tree can be effective dated, you can specify new department, reporting relationships, or organization structures in advance and have those changes take effect automatically. By creating and using tree with the past, present, and future effective dates, PeopleSoft allows users to always report on the current and historical data.

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