Sunday, April 1, 2007

Access Primavera Project Data using ODBC

I did some study on the Primavera project data for our data warehouse project over this weekend. The past week is my first week of joining the business intelligence analytics application development group.

Primavera P3 and Suretrak were built on the Btrieve database. Primavera provides a ODBC driver - Odbc32v2 for those who want to access their data via ODBC to build their custom reports. This is their old interface since, I beileve, Primavera is now built on top of Oracle database.

I found that the following tables are available in their database:
  • Activities
  • WBS Structure and WBS assignment
  • Activity Code and Activity Code Assignment
  • Activity Relationship
  • Resource
  • Custom Data Item
  • Cost Account
  • Holiday Information
  • Project Options
I got the table definition via reverse engineering tool, provided by Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition. It is so easy, I just import the data definition to the repository file via ODBC. Based on the information available, I think that we can do a lot of custom reporting.

Primavera is one of the data collection points. The structure of the elements captured in the Primavera schedule determines how the project schedule can integrate with the other project management related systems, such estimation, cost control, accounting, resource management, etc. My philosophy is that with a proper integration design, an organization can bring their project data from different systems into their project data warehouse.

It is important for us to support Primavera's various structures, including activity codes, WBS, and Cost Account. Once we get the structure into our data warehouse, people can create their own reports using our leading BI tools. These structure can be the "conformed dimension" so the data from various source can be viewed together.

Comparing with Microsoft Project, Primavera's structure is actually much simpler, in my opinion. My next study will be the Microsoft Project database.

A major progress has been made this weekend.
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