Sunday, March 26, 2006

Oracle vs. SAP Applications

I read a great article in on the comparison of Oracle and SAP ERP.

It is written by two experts in this area. To sum up, here are their major points:
  • Faun deHenry focus on Oracle's adaptability to change.
  • Joshua Greenbaum believes that SAP can provide a better industry-specific verticalization.
Oracle Fusion exactly reflect what they said. Oracle Fusion Architecture will bring customers the following:
  • Greater Business Insight
  • Adaptive Business Processes
  • Superior Ownership Experience
This is best described in Jesper's blog- The Design Philosophy of Applications

The recent acquisition of Siebel not only brings Oracle a leading CRM software but also brings the industry specific solutions.

I feel that all these give the customers a very clear answer to the question SAP vs. Oracle.

What do you think?

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