Friday, September 1, 2006

Marketing Resource Management

Found an interesting article on the DestinationCRM magazine. -

The Maturation of MRM

The definition of MRM:

Marketing resource management (MRM), sometimes known as marketing operations management, was created in part to help companies get a better gander into how marketing dollars are spent and to what extent they are returned.

... companies are able to plan and budget, track campaigns and projects, and manage performance through an accessible, collaborative framework. MRM streamlines the marketing value chain by automating the tracking of costs and projected budgets, connecting all numbers and information through a common platform.

Based on their definition, I think a better name for MRM, may be Marketing Project Management, Marketing Project Cost Management, or
Marketing Project Resource Management. It may be a new idea for CRM fork, but really not new for people in the Project Management, and Project Resource Management world.

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